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We are committed to bringing you the latest technology in skin science through education and innovative product development to the Cooper City area. Let us help you put your best face forward by sharing our many years of experience in treating all skin types.


Circadia by Dr. Pugliese Advanced Professional Skincare
For three generations, the Pugliese family has been committed to elevating the profession of the esthetician.

The Circadia product line began with the awareness that certain biological patterns of the skin may be observed and enhanced. A true blend of science and nature, Circadia is the culmination of research into the aging process and a specialized skill in cosmetic chemistry. There focus has been to honor the extraordinary structure and function of human skin. It is only through understanding this science that we are able to begin to significantly impact the appearance of the clients who come to us for help. We carry a full line of Circadia products come in and let us customize the right products for you.

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Facials and peels can help rejuvenate your skin and are highly recommended that it’s done at least once a year – are you ready for yours? Come in let us pamper you, click below to schedule your spot at our salon.

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Hydrating Facial – 85 | 50 minutes
This treatment is designed to restore a healthy glow through a Lipid Replacing cleanser and moisturizing exfoliation with steam, application of an antioxidant packed Red Tea Mask and anti­wrinkle eye treatment, followed by moisturizing serum and hydrating cream, includes relaxing scalp, neck and shoulder massage..

Anti­Aging Facial – 120 | 60 minutes
Renew and repair with this antioxidant rich treatment needed to fight free radicals and stimulate new cell growth, exfoliation is done using the Bi­Elastic Bladetm to deeply cleanse the epidermis. Moisturizing is done by compressing and decompressing the tissues using elastic waves resulting in optimal internal hydration. Includes relaxing scalp, neck and shoulder massage.

SWiCHTM Dermal Rejuvenation System – 200 | 90 minutes
Circadia’s signature treatment

A scientific breakthrough that helps enhance mitochondrial function and restores skin to it’s youthful appearance, this treatment performs beyond the results achievable with non­surgical peels, recommended in a series of 8. Each treatment is followed with an enzyme exfoliation 2 weeks later. 20 minutes.

Oxygen Rx Cleansing Facial – 110 | 65 minutes
This treatment is designed to clean all your pores with Cocoa Enzyme and steam which opens up all your pores to achieve the ultimate extractions of all impurities and exfoliation. This facial is completed with an Oxygen Rx Treatment, Vitamin C and an antioxidant rich soothing and calming cream. Includes relaxing scalp, neck and shoulder massage.

Vitamin Infusion Facial – 105 | 60 minutes
Soothing cool Red Tea Mask with a vitamin filled oil, followed by an infusion of Vitamin B, C, and E, a special moisturizing eye treatment, and an application of an antioxidant rich cream, includes a relaxing scalp, neck, and shoulder massage.

Rosacea Facial – 110 | 60 minutes
Facial is designed to calm and soothe the inflammation associated with rosacea,it consists of a gentle cleanse, followed by a Cocoa Enzyme treatment to exfoliate and calm, completed with Oxygen Rx Treatment and Rosacea serum, finished with a gentle healing moisturizer, includes a relaxing scalp, neck, and shoulder massage.

Acne Clarifying Facial – 110 | 65 minutes
This treatment will remove the keratin build up leaving skin brighter and clearer, after extractions are thoroughly performed a Green Tea Mask which contains powerful antioxidants is then applied to calm and sooth acne while hydrating the skin, includes a relaxing scalp,neck, and shoulder massage.

Gentlemen’s Facial 95 | 60 minutes
This is a unique facial treatment that addresses the special skin care needs for men, it includes exfoliation, extraction, mask, and massage to encourage lymphatic drainage and stimulate collagen leaving skin revitalized, refreshed, and with a noticeable improvement in texture, we ask that you shave about 4 hours prior to treatment, includes a relaxing scalp, neck, and shoulder massage.

Express Facial – 50 | 30 minutes
This facial provides the essentials for those on the go, it includes cleansing, exfoliation,custom Circadia mask and completed with firming eye serum, hydrating cream and sunscreen.

Fountain of Youth Facial 200 | 90 minutes
incredible electrical treatment is our signature facial, it is our anti­aging facial on steroids the SkinMaster TM performs multiple therapies including high frequency mechanical oscillation, modified lotti micro­technology, elastic wave, Microdiode Laser TM and mechanical vibration, this new particle free patented technology provides a non­invasive solution to help diminish fine lines, dehydration, loss of firmness, acne, and discolorations, includes relaxing scalp, neck, and shoulder massage.


Lactic Acid Peel – 90 | 45 minutes
This peel is gentle, safe, and well tolerated by most skin types, treating thin, damaged, and aging skin with lactic acid not only removes the outer layers of damaged stratum corneum but will also leave a more intact lipid barrier resulting in a healthier appearance..

Dermafrost Peel – 95 | 45 minutes
Our salicylic acid peel is lipid soluble and is considered keratolytic and antimicrobial which is safe, effective, and wonderful for the treatment of acne.

Alpha/Beta Peel – 95 | 45 minutes
Our combination of lactic and salicylic acid provides a perfect blend to exfoliate and clean the pores without harshness, irritation, or inflammation, while improving the hydration factor of the lipid barrier.

MandeliClear with Vitamin A Accelerator – 110 | 60 minutes
This peel was developed specifically for treating pigmentation issues associated with darker skin types.It’s effective for lighting pigmentation due to acne, melasma, or photodamaged skin, while gently exfoliating, it contains Mandelic Acid, Vitamin A accelerator with 2.5% retinol, is used in conjunction with Mandeli Clear to accelerate physical peeling without excessive damage to the skin.

Jessner Peel – 110 | 60 minutes
A resorcinol, lactic and salicylic acid solution that can be used for a much deeper exfoliation, it is effective in treating pigmentation, acne, and sun damaged skin, you will experience noticeable peeling approximately 3 to 4 days after the treatment, sun protection is crucial and must be used at all times and we ask that no outdoor activities take place that week as it is extremely important to stay out of the heat.