The Beauty Boutique 54 Story

We opened Cosmetan in 2002 with the hopes of creating a one stop beauty shop. A place where you could come to have a relaxing facial, a beautiful tan, and have your face airbrushed to perfection for a night out on the town. What we achieved was way beyond that. It became very clear to us how lucky we were to have such wonderful clients become wonderful friends. As time goes on business evolves and you start to see where new services like hair and nails could help complete a day of beauty or make a bride’s vision come true.

Now we have decided to recreate this one stop shop into a Beauty Boutique in the heart of Cooper City. A better version of the past stepping into the future with the most innovative hair color, a full makeup line, and an incredible knowledge of the latest skin care treatments. The most important thing to us is that you feel loved and appreciated from the moment you walk in until the moment you leave. Something everyone deserves.

Lida & Rachelle Hagenauer